Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Presentation of the Conceptual Framework of Career Boundaries in Professional Jobs Based on Grounded Theory (Case of: Medical Career)    Ph.D    amir shojaean    1400/07/25
2    Investigating the effect of emotional buying behavior on sale performance mediating by brand attachment (Case study: Customers of Hypermy chain store in Mashhad Page Center)    M.Sc.    monther neamah kabi    1400/07/21
3    Investigating the mediating role of absorption in the effect of marketing innovation on export performance (Case study: Export companies of Mashhad city)    M.Sc.    hanieh shahpari    1400/07/18
4    Investigating the Effect of Strategic Organizational Thinking on Agility with the Role of Intermediary Business Intelligence among Toos Industrial Town in Mashad    M.Sc.    hamid erfanian parsa    1400/06/30
5    Investigating the Impact of Quality of Services on Customer Satisfaction through Distributor's Expertise and Knowledge (Case Study: Iron Ore Mines in Khorasan Province)    M.Sc.    Abolfazl Rashid Nouqabi    1400/06/28
6    Investigating the effect of entrepreneurial orientation and market orientation on competitive advantage and performance of startups in Tehran    M.Sc.    Mahdi Saboori    1399/11/30
7    Investigating the effect of customers’ perception of corporate social responsibility on their extra-role behaviors by mediation of brand attachment and moderation of spirituality    M.Sc.    saadat mostafavi    1399/11/29
8    Identifying and prioritizing the factors influencing international students’ choice and presenting higher education marketing methods    M.Sc.    s.amirhossein razavi    1399/11/27
9    .((Investigating the effect of “Spiritual Leadership” on Participation in “Religious Tourism Events” with the Mediating Role of “Servant Behavior” and moderating Role of “ Demographic Characteristics of Servants.(Case study: Ms. Naeem Rezvan's servants in the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS    M.Sc.    Elham kasraee    1399/10/21
10    Investigating the impact of Market Position Assessment on the Demand for Educational Services by mediating Marketing and Diversification    M.Sc.    mehrdad movahed    1399/09/16
11    The impact of strategic leadership on sustainable competitive advantage with the mediating role of social capital, strategic flexibility and innovation ambidexterity in growth center enterprises of the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Mohammad Sadegh Akbari Nooghabi    1399/07/30
12    Investigating the Impact of Internet Marketing Capabilities on Export Investment Performance by Mediation Effectiveness of Marketing Distribution, Marketing Communication Efficiency, International Strategic Orientation and International Network Capabilities (Case Study: Saffron Exporting Companies)    M.Sc.    Arezoo Vassegh    1399/06/29
13    Investigating the effect of Social Media Contents on Customer Purchase Intention by mediating role of Brand Signature on Brand Awareness among Mashhad leather customers    M.Sc.    samaneh soltanahmadi    1399/06/25
14    Investigating the effect of perceived warmth and perceived competence of private hospital staff on the image of health tourism destination with the mediating role of hospital prestige and the moderating role of intermediaries (Case of study: private hospitals in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Massoud kordestani mahani    1399/06/24
15    Investigating the role of extrinsic motivations on social commerce information contributing through the mediator effect of customer intention to contribute social commerce information (case study: Iranian Customers of Mosafer Salam hotels reservation system in the geographical area of Mashhad city)    M.Sc.    shirin maleki khalilabad    1398/11/23
16    Survey the Effect CRM & ERP on the Market Performance With Mediating Value of Electronic Business in Mashhad's Beauty Clinics    M.Sc.    rashid rostami    1398/10/17
17    Introducing of Employees Self Development Behavior framework in Khorasan Razavi, shomali and jonobi Gaz Company    Ph.D    Ahmad momeni    1398/09/07
18    Investigating the Impact of Marketing strategies on online intention purchase through the mediating role of product quality and price risks and consumer trust in the travel agency in Mashhad.    M.Sc.    somaye dehghani    1397/11/30
19    Investigating the Impact of Ethical Leadership on Cyberloafing with Mediating Role of Perceived Organizational Culture.    M.Sc.    Negar Hosseini    1397/11/27
20    Identification of the mechanisms of the organizational learning multilevel process and its relationship on the performance of small and medium organizations in Tehran    Ph.D    kambiz navabi zand    1397/11/11
21    Investigation of personalization on customer perception of electronic educational services with customer loyalty mediation    M.Sc.    Saeed Saadatian    1397/10/18
22    Investigating the effect of perceived organizational variables on Green behaviors of employees through the environmental attitude (case study: Mashhad Municipality Employees)    M.Sc.    nadia rashidi kermani    1397/09/20
23    Investigating the effect of percieved risk, advantage and disadvantage on satisfaction and re-purchase intention of Internet goods and services (the Case of non-native students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)ظهور تکنولوژی ارتباطات و اطلاعات، مدل‌های کسب‌وکار سـنتی را تغییـر داده است. ازاین‌رو، شر    M.Sc.    maryam arab    1397/07/25
24    Investigating the Impact of Marketing Information System Technology on the Performance of Companies Accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange by Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage    M.Sc.    motahare hashemian    1397/06/17
25    Classification of Emotional Elements in Consumer Purchase Intention (Case Study: Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Students)    M.Sc.    seddigheh sadeghi    1397/06/13
26    Investigating the impact of internal marketing on perceived services quality with the mediating roles of organizational identity and empowerment in branches of Khorasan razavi Electric Distribution Company    M.Sc.    sajad bazri    1396/12/12
27    Effect of Social Media on personnel Accountability and customer satisfaction by exchanging information on sales B2B (Case study: Oil company Sumo)    M.Sc.    Mohanad Abdulabbas Jasim Al - Janabi    1396/12/06
28    Investigating the impact of perceived quality and brand awareness on brand equity with the mediating role of loyalty to brand (Case Study: Female patients of mehr hospital in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    mozhgan nejat    1396/11/21
29    Investigating the impact of brand value and brand satisfaction on brand commitment through the mediating role of brand trust (case of: users of Irancell in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    simin massoudi    1396/11/10
30    (The impact of e-WOM participation on loyalty with the mediation role of personal and social site identification(Case of study: Customers of Digikala website    M.Sc.    Shahryar Tatari    1396/11/03
31    Developing Local Model of Managers’ Organizational Commitment in Civil Airports and Air Navigation Company    Ph.D    masoumeh aref    1396/10/13
32    Exploring contingency factors of strategic human resource management and identifying effective practices of human resource management in Iran tax organization    Ph.D    alireza zabihikhargh    1396/09/25
33    Evaluating the role of e-marketing acceptance in the implementation of e-marketing by social media (Case study: Facebook social network)    M.Sc.    MOHAMMED HASAN    1396/07/11
34    The Mediating Role of Brand Love and Brand Loyalty in Relationship between of Brand Image, Brand Experience, Brand Trust on Positive Word of Mouth (Case of study: Mashad Laether customers)    M.Sc.    mojtaba naddaf shargh    1396/06/29
35    Investigating the effect of university service quality on emotional attachment to brand by mediating role of total experience (case of study: M.A students of self managed of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Mostafa Vahidi    1396/06/21
36    Investigating the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility and Customer Value on Marketing Performance with Mediating Role of Corporate Image (Case of Study: Shahr Bank Branches of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Nooshin Mollazadeh    1396/06/20
37    Investigating the effect of internal marketing on organizational learning through the trust and Organizational commitment    M.Sc.    Alaa Mohammed Adhami    1396/05/21
38    Survey of effect of Dimensions Marketing of Place on ReligiousTourist Iraq country case study: Karbal city tourist    M.Sc.    Tareq Hasan Abdulwahd    1396/04/14
39    The Impact of Using Social media on customer Intention to buy: Mediating role of Trust and Perceived usefulness( case of: E-shop Customers in city of Mashhad).    M.Sc.    fatemeh fanaei jizabad    1395/11/12
40    The effect of servant leadership on Positive psychological capital (PPC) , Service-oriented organizational citizenship behavior (SOCB) and customer value co-creation (CVC) in Iran Insurance branches in Mashhad city.    M.Sc.    Mostafa Lotfi    1395/11/09
41    The effect of trust in employees mediating in the relationship between corporate image and customer loyalty and perceived value (Case Study: Iran khodro after sale services representatives customer in the city of Mashahd)    M.Sc.    samaneh mousavi    1395/11/05
42    The impact of market orientation on perceived quality service by mediating role of perceived innovation(Case of Arab passengers of jazeera airways flights to Mashhad).    M.Sc.    SEYED MOHAMMAD SHAHABDOLAZIMI    1395/11/04
43    Investigating the Effects of Marketing Expenses, Age of the Firm and Age of the Brand on Brand Equity for Firms of Tehran Stock Exchange.    M.Sc.    Reza Lotfi    1395/06/17
44    Examining the role of relationship marketing on Iran hotel customer loyalty with mediating role of quality relationship    M.Sc.    Sasan Assadzadeh Mojaver    1395/02/21
45    study of the strategic thought interface role on the relationship between organizational calture and Marketing Performance, case study: Managers of non-metallic mineral Tous Industrial Estate Mashhad    M.Sc.    Hamid Mozafari    1394/10/20
46    The impact of Service personal values on customer loyalty through satisfaction among policyholders of Toos industrial town of Mashhad    M.Sc.    somaye homayooni    1394/10/19
47    Examine the effect of supply chain collaboration on Competitiveness and performance From supply chain capabilities ( case study: managers of Manufacturing, industrial parts and tools company)    M.Sc.    sedigheh barati golkhandan    1394/09/23
48    the effect of market orientation as mediator to strategic planning practices and performance relationship.    M.Sc.    leila shobeiri    1394/08/12
49    Investigating the effect of differentiation and cost leadership strategies on firm performance by considering mediating role of the responsive market orientation and proactive market orientation in Medium and Large firms In Mashhad.    M.Sc.    omid shaban boroon    1394/07/21
50    Understanding the content of psychological contracts between customers and services organizations in the context of relationship marketing    Ph.D    Alireza Rajabipoor Meybodi    1394/06/26
51    Investigation Market Orientation on Performance with mediating role of Relational Capabilities of small companies and medium-size city of Mashhad    M.Sc.    masoud monazzami borhani    1394/06/17
52    Impact consumption values on brand loyalty of personal care products(A study on Undergraduate girl students of Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Ferdowsi University)    M.Sc.    khadijeh kordestani kang zeytoon    1394/03/16
53    Investigating The Effect Of Emotional Intelligence On Perceived Organizational Health, Considering The Mediating Role Of Job Satisfaction Case Study: Mashhad Electric Energy Distribution Company    M.Sc.    forough Aminalroayaei    1393/12/19
54    Marketing Capabilities Moderating Effect’s on Relationship Market Orientation and Bank Branches Performance    M.Sc.    Afsaneh Shafiei    1393/11/19
55    survey effect transaction trust on e_commerce relationships between travel agencies    M.Sc.    mohammad sadeghifar    1393/11/08
56    Identification and Ranking of effective factors on student satisfaction with using AHP technique ( case study : Ferdowsi university of Mashhad ,international campus )    M.Sc.    narjes saleh nezhad    1393/10/30
57    Servey of the of reputation on customers responses to services failure according to the role of failure attribution (Case of: Students of Language institutes in North Khorasan)    M.Sc.    marziyeh yazdani    1393/10/28
58    Effects of perceived employee emotional competence on customer satisfaction and loyalty with the mediating role of rapport    M.Sc.    nafiseh khani    1393/10/28
59    The impact of ethical sales behavior on customer loyalty with mediating role of relationship quality (Case of: passengers of internal flights of Taban airlines in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    zahra moradi    1393/07/15
60    The effect of electronic customer relationship management on customer satisfaction with mediating role of E-service quality    M.Sc.    saeed HAGHANIBAGHBANI    1393/07/15
61    The Mediating Effects of Service Charge Transparency on the Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Customer Behaviour(Case of: Customer Communication Services Administration in city of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    khaironesa ghahramani mahmoodi    1393/07/03
62    Investigating the impact of customer relationship management on customer lifetime value through relationship quality in five-star hotels of Mashhad    M.Sc.    mehdi malek    1392/11/20
63    IT    M.Sc.    Hamed Shegofteh aghkariz    1392/11/09
64    The effects of relationship quality and switching barriers on Irancell customer loyalty in Mashhad    M.Sc.    pouya nazari    1392/11/09
65    The Impact of Organizational Culture and Structure on Organizational Effectiveness: Mediating role of Knowledge Management    M.Sc.    samane sadeghian    1392/07/13
66    Surveying the effect of implementing expert and integrated sale system In terms of capillary distribution procces over sale\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s amount (Shahsavand Company)    M.Sc.    Hamid Reza Mohandes    1392/07/10
67    Effect of marketing capability on market performance by variation of the creation of superior customer    M.Sc.    somaye norollahi    1392/07/10
68    survey effecy of Costumer satification Services Marketing on Perception Spactator Attendance Expectation Club. Performance FansTeam IdentificationDisconfirmation    M.Sc.    zeynab maleki mareshk    1392/02/23
69    The influence of brand personality on trust, attachment, and commitment to the brand among Sony’s customers in Mashhad, Iran    M.Sc.    akram arabnezhad    1391/11/17
70    The use of LRFM model for customers segmentation based their cycle to improve customer relationship management    M.Sc.    nayyere moslehi    1391/11/12
71    Investigating the moderating role of personal characteristics and critical incident on the relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty    M.Sc.    sareh bavanati    1391/10/27
72    Analyzing the position of Urban Good Governance in Shiraz city with SWOT    M.Sc.    mojtaba hamidi    1391/01/31
73    Investigation the effect of market organization on performance of organization with emphasis on role of market-based resource    M.Sc.    Maysam Raiss    1390/11/13
74    The intermediary role of internet service quality between relational Internet marketing strategie and customer trust(the case of mashhad travel agencies)    M.Sc.    marjan amini    1390/11/13
75    The effect of organizational culture on market orientation with attention to conflict (within big and middle industrial companies in Qom- Iran)    M.Sc.    seyyed ahmad fateminasab    1390/11/13
76    Optimizing and Management of Lighting in Urban Streets with simulation by DIALux software (Case Study: Tehran- Gisha region)    M.Sc.    Ali Yaghmaei    1390/09/30
77    Customer segmantation based on customer life time value using data mining based on RFM model    M.Sc.    ali alizadeh zoeram    1390/09/27
78    The effect of attitude on the perceived value of internet users according to gender roles    M.Sc.    Tahereh Nabizadeh    1390/09/13
79    Impact of web site satisfaction on purchase intention the moderating role personality characteristics    M.Sc.    zahra toosi moghadam    1390/06/29
80    The effect of Psychological contracts on organizational commitment through organizational trust (case study: Ghaem hospital nurses in city of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    samira pour    1390/06/29
81    examine the influence of four factors (personal trust, institutional trust, perceived control and experience) on permission-based mobile marketing.    M.Sc.    mina ramezani    1390/01/30
82    Applying the philosophies of social marketing in voluntarily blood donors with using the theory of planned behavior    M.Sc.        1389/02/21
83        M.Sc.    Sorush Sepehr    1388/11/05
84        M.Sc.        1388/06/28